Feb 8, 2020Liked by Franki Cookney

Apart from the non-negotiables (respect for consent and boundaries), I think I value curiosity most. Especially in an ongoing partner I think that's where the most fun happens.

The chemistry question has always bothered me for being so hard to tie down. Everyone values it so much, and yet how much of it is susceptible to randomness? Random touch on a random body part at an accidentally significant moment--sometimes I worry that that means nothing, but creates the start of something that ends up feeling inevitable. On the other hand, I do think we have a lot of control over that; I suspect most people have swallowed down on a moment that felt both attractive and wrong at the same time.

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Feb 5, 2020Liked by Franki Cookney

The biggest thing is definitely communication, and willing to listen to work out the best fit for you as a partnership rather than just assuming. Obviously if I’m very in the moment, I’m not going to stop for a brief beforehand but I think it’s really exciting when you have a new partner and you are going to have this unique experience of mixing two peoples interests, kinks etc.

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