What is The Overthinker’s Guide To Sex?

The Overthinkers Guide To Sex is a sex and relationships newsletter by journalist Franki Cookney.

It runs a mixture of comment, personal stories, and analysis, alongside deeper dives into aspects of sex, relationships and culture we don’t always get to read about in the mainstream media. My readers have called it “essential,” “intelligent,” and “fun,” and say it always makes them think, both about themselves and about society.

At The Overthinker’s Guide To Sex, we don’t believe sex is sinful. But neither do we treat it as superficial. Pleasure is not at odds with critical thinking but our consumer-driven society would rather you didn’t dwell too much on that. After all, it’s easier to sell to insecurity. And where better to mine those insecurities than in the rich seam of intimate relationships? This newsletter is a place where we question the conventional wisdom and outdated ideals, and cut through the marketing bollocks to deliver smart, nuanced conversations about love and sex.

The Overthinker’s Guide To Sex will goes out every Tuesday. The cost of a subscription is £4/month or £40/year. Paid subscribers also have access to the entire back catalogue of paywalled articles.

About Franki Cookney

I'm a writer, editor, and producer with fifteen years experience across print, audio and digital. I have a particular interest in sex, relationships, psychology, culture and society.

You can see my work in The Guardian, The Mirror, The Sun, The Independent, WIRED, MailOnline, The Sunday Times, Cosmopolitan, Red, The Telegraph, Grazia, Stylist, VICE, Forbes, and many more.

I also produce and host sex and relationships podcast The Second Circle.

Find me on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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