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Back in May I sent you all a very confident email saying I’d be going back to writing fortnightly newsletters. It is now the middle of August which…
We need to talk about cisgenderListen or read now | The problem lies in imagining that cis womanhood (or cis manhood for that matter) is a fixed category in the first place.
Why I'm angry with this vibratorListen or read now | My relationship with sex toys has changed a lot over the years.
Feelings don't exist in a vacuumRead or listen now | Secure relationships don’t grow out of detachment from or disregard for each other’s feelings.
Your last chance to get on board with BAD SEXRead or listen now |  There’s still time to be part of the BAD SEX gang but now is your *last chance*
Five times I was legit terrible at sexRead or listen now | When I talk about bad sex being a universal experience, I really do mean that we are just as likely to have been a crap shag as we…
I survived purity culture and now I’m queer AFRead or listen now | GUEST POST: It won’t surprise you to hear that I got married at the age of 23, after knowing my husband for just eight months. It…
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